North Queensland Restocking, Replanting and On-farm Infrastructure Grant

Did you lose livestock, crops or infrastructure in the 2019 floods? If so, you may be eligible for a co‑contribution of up to $400,000 from the Australian Government to restore your farm or property to full production.

The grants are flexible to cover a wide variety of circumstances.

You can apply for and draw down on funds multiple times up to the total you are approved to receive, while the program remains open (to 30 June 2022). This means you can manage the timing of your recovery to suit your needs.

Your grant may be approved in multiple parts, firstly for the amount you can access now with a matched co-contribution, with conditional approval for a further amount once you’re able to make a further matched co-contribution.

Use this link for further information or contact the friendly advisors at AAA Consulting for assistance.

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