AAA Consulting was established in 2019 as a result of our 20 years’ experience as finance brokers across Rural, Business and Household finance solutions. Compliance is a priority for many organisations across all industry types and keeping pace with constant changes is an expensive and logistical headache for many business owners. As technology brings us closer and closer together, the ability to overcome the barriers of location and cost is enabling all business owners to invest in a timely and cost-effective flexible training model.

Carry on Working

People’s economic and personal lives are becoming increasingly difficult to separate. Even where compliance dictates, only a tiny percentage of business owners can afford to take time off work, quite apart from the travel and accommodation costs, and being away from their family for an extended period of time. Most people have at least a handful of economic commitments to meet at the end of every week or month to sustain what they have already worked so hard to achieve.

Ongoing financial commitments range from priority costs like mortgage, rent, loans, suppliers, taxes, distribution, credit card, and vehicle payments, to smaller costs that support our well-being, such as gym memberships or the price of a few cups of coffee with a best friend. Despite having ambitions well within our capabilities, many of us cannot afford to pursue them, hence our reluctance to be removed “from the tools”, because business owners are also income providers for themselves and those they employ.

With online courses, business owners and employees alike can balance their training with part-time or full-time work. Online courses are often structured in a similar way to programs at brick-and-mortar facilities, with a set number of modules required for completion. All the training modules are available online, meaning you can fit your coursework around work and personal commitments and complete the training from anywhere (that has an internet connection).

Family Commitments

Man studying with child

While many people would love to spend the time on training that corporate governance demands, family commitments (which can often be greater than financial) often prevent business owners and employees from being able to invest the amount of time needed to attend training centres. Being away from home for extended periods of time simply isn’t possible for anyone with young children or newborn babies. For others, caring for elderly or sick relatives or acting as a legal guardian takes up a large portion of their time, and there is no room to manoeuvre when making sure someone else’s needs are always met.

The flexibility of online courses makes it easier for businesses to train their management and staff by allowing work-life balance. A study about the main benefits of distance learning reported: “Having that flexibility was key. Just having extra time in one direction or the other can really make a difference.”

Save Money

Studying online is a great way to save money on training fees and the many other costs associated with attending courses at a bricks-and-mortar institution. There are many escalating costs to factor in to attending offsite training courses. These vary according to: what and where the course is; mode of transport; the effects on your business in your absence; costs to cover staff absence; production cycles affected; and lost opportunity costs.

Distance training cuts back on many costs. If you have a young family, studying at home will save on childcare costs. Travel between home and the training institute is no longer an issue, especially when there are multiple modules to complete for certification. Because you are working from home, those much-needed caffeine injections are practically free. Over a year all the coffees from a facility’s canteen or a nearby coffee shop soon mount up. At $5.50 a time, cutting back on just three medium lattes a week could save you over $858.00 a year. That’s $858 that stays in your pocket!

Benefits of Staff TrainingGraduation Cap

  • Increased competitive advantage with a more efficient and effective team
  • Meet legal requirements to educate your team about safety and other workplace issues
  • Reinforcement to clients of the commitment of the business to achieving high standards and ethical practice
  • Credibility within the industry and the respect of colleagues and suppliers
  • Benchmarking of business/individual achievement within the industry
  • Opportunities for career advancement

Early stigma around online training is now obsolete, given that the majority of Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) have incorporated at least some elements of virtual courses into their syllabuses. This online learning revolution is excellent news for all businesses and business owners alike. It means you can access programs and become certified regardless of where you live and regardless of your professional and personal circumstances, opening up a world of exciting and potentially life-changing opportunities.

As we build our course library, if you are seeking a particular course and you don’t find it here please contact us.

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