Employment Management

Most Australian businesses have a combination of casual, part-, and full-time employees and rarely review employment arrangements in relation to relevant awards, or fully document their policies, expectations and training. This could prove costly in the event that your workplace faces adversity. The team at AAAC urges you to consider whether your existing employment contracts effectively cover:

    • Changing Fair Work compliance requirements
    • Management of workplace dispute resolution
    • Workplace health and safety requirements
    • Legislation and industry practices
    • Specific workplace conditions

AAAC has partnered with the team at Employsure to help you manage these situations. Employsure will provide you with professional advice, representation, and protection for all of your workplace needs. All employment contracts available through AAAC are monitored and kept up-to-date by the Employsure team. This ensures we are promoting best practice and employment protection in relation to Fair Work and workplace health and safety.

Empowering your staff with responsibility and encouraging them to contribute ideas and recommendations for the business will give them a sense of ownership of their work. You can also improve employee engagement by fostering a sense of belonging through social events outside the workplace and having fun at work. Happy staff makes for happy customers!

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