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AAA Consulting household support extends beyond the extensive library of information. Our professional people – who have walked a mile in your shoes – are ready to help.

We will help with finance, budgeting, risk management, real estate and vehicle purchasing.

We have self-help programs, educational seminars, documentation and personal support. Whatever your preference, we have it covered.

Your Money Your Future

Understanding the world of finance is becoming increasingly challenging. Home loans, personal loans and even sourcing the best deal on your next car can be taxing and time-consuming.

The rules for home loan applications have changed and now people searching for loans are responsible for demonstrating they can structure their personal spending to service the lending. AAAC can take that headache and turn it back into the dream of your next home or holiday. We have the knowledge and tools to help you monitor your personal spending and set your goals. This will satisfy lenders so they make the decision you want – approving a mortgage or loan to allow you to achieve your goals.

Let us put you on the right track and help you unravel your finances, set goals together and plan your future and your family’s future.

Resilience and Risk Preparedness

Undertaking a risk management process will help you identify risks to your way of life, ways that you can mitigate them and maximise potential opportunities. This knowledge will help build resilience.

You can prepare for scenarios so that you know what to do when situations arise and you will have the resources and connections available to act. This will reduce stress and anxiety in times of challenge and allow you to think clearly and respond to situations rather than react.

AAAC offers household members insurance reviews and access to psychological support. ***LEGAL REFERRALS?***

Budgeting and Planning

How well do you know your financial needs? For most, this is a difficult question to answer when busy keeping up with day-to-day commitments. However, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. Budgeting will allow you to prioritise short and long term goals and progress with your financing needs.

Planning will develop your financial resilience and ability to sustain the lifestyle you achieve. Regularly monitoring, reviewing and updating your budget will keep your finances thriving.

AAAC’s resources equip household members with the tools to understand their finances. We understand that putting pen to paper can seem like a daunting process, so our team of consultants is available to help you through the process as well as budget and home loan reviews.

Access the budget and review services provided by AAAC via your personal Member Dashboard.

Home Property and Asset Management

The team at AAAC will help you with your property and asset needs. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or wanting to sell your home, our partner professionals will make the process easier for you.

Access these services through your personalised AAAC dashboard today.

Participate in the AAAC Community

As a AAAC Household member, you can share your experiences in the AAAC Facebook Communication Exchange. We also offer educational seminars where you can learn more about financial management and chat with our consultants.

Join in via your personalised AAAC dashboard today.

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