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Whether you are looking to expand your business, diversify, sell, establish a succession plan or simply work more effectively, we can help with appropriate products and services.

Using our collective experience base exceeding 100 years in rural communities and business sectors, we will help you work towards a solution for any challenge you may encounter.

We have self-help programs, online training, frameworks, documentation and personal support. Whatever your preference, we have it covered.

Your Money Your Future

From cash flows to stock schedules, financial modelling is the foundation of your business’s success. Such tools are often only used for lending and accounting purposes. Your business will be more effective using cashflow budgets and monthly budget reviews. The team at AAA Consulting believe in providing and using these tools to fast-track personal and business success.

For some, the ability to access and use our financial tools will be adequate to implement effective management planning. Others, however, may prefer to consult the team’s first class service. This allows you to use our expertise and invest your own time in what you enjoy and do best!

At a personal level, the rules for home loan applications have changed and now people searching for these loans are responsible for demonstrating they can structure their personal spending to service the lending. AAAC can take that headache and turn it back into the dream of your next home or holiday. We have the knowledge and tools to help you monitor your personal spending and set your goals. This will satisfy lenders so they make the decision you want – approving a mortgage or loan to allow you to achieve your goals.

AAAC offers different support packages to suit your needs. These range from full monthly financial services to the provision of templates for your own use.

Access the full range of Financial Forecasting & Modelling tools provided by AAAC via your personal Member Dashboard.

Business Resilience and Benchmarking

Undertaking a business planning process will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses that exist in your business and ways that you can mitigate risks and maximise the potential of opportunities. This knowledge will help build resilience.

Throughout the resilience planning process, you can prepare for scenarios so that you know what to do when situations arise and you will have the resources and connections available to act. This will reduce stress and anxiety in times of challenge and allow you to think clearly and respond to situations rather than react.

To identify the strengths and opportunities for your business, you need to assess your performance against industry benchmarks. Knowing how you compare with competitors in various aspects of your business will enable you to make informed decisions and prioritise strategies and tasks. It will also help you to discover and focus on what makes you different from the competition in the always important eye of the customer.

AAAC has employed industry-leading benchmark comparison tools for your benefit. The benchmarking software used by our team of consultants will analyse and compare your business’s performance against thousands of related Australian businesses. This information is used to generate a comprehensive benchmarking and business value report which will give you insight for:

Identification and implementation of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage:

    • Productivity indicators
    • Business profitability
    • Plant & equipment return on investment (ROI)
    • Stock turnover rate
    • Cash-flow planning

Depending on the level of support you choose, AAAC consultants can review this for you regularly. Partner with AAAC today and answer the important questions regarding the profitability and efficiency of your business.

Business Planning

How well do you know the growing needs of your business? For most, this is a difficult question to answer because we are too busy keeping up with day-to-day needs. However, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. In rural industries, business planning and evaluation has many benefits:

    • Discover the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your business
    • Ensure that your business takes advantage of the evolving economic and technological environments
    • Assist with financing needs
    • Allow you to prioritise short- and long-term growth strategies

Planning will develop your ability to involve others in your business, which will gain their engagement and encourage accountability and ownership of responsibilities. When you establish routines to meet with your people and manage the performance of your business, you will be able to identify issues very early and encourage innovative solutions, adaptability and agility to become a resilient business that is truly sustainable. Regularly monitoring, reviewing and updating your plans will keep your business thriving.

AAAC’s resources are designed to equip their business partners with the tools to grow their business. We understand that putting pen to paper can seem like a daunting process, so our team of consultants is available to help you through the process by guiding, coaching and sharing expertise.

Access the full range of business planning and evaluation tools provided by AAAC via your personal Member Dashboard.

Stock, Property and Asset Management

The team at AAAC has seen thousands of different ways that rural businesses track their stock and property management. From stock books to spreadsheets, everyone has a method that works for them. Some are suited only to the few rural operators who are sheltered from the banks, the accountant, or the estate planner.

Drawing on many years’ shared experience of dealings with lenders and other professional industries, the team at AAAC has structured a number of stock and property management tools to suit agribusinesses like yours. These will remove double handling of information into different tools to suit different parties. Use our stock schedules to monitor herd movement or consult us about cane production and CCS figures.

AAAC and its network of partners can review your risk exposure in dealing with other entities, ensure you have sufficient insurance cover in place and provide support in obtaining PPSR.

Access the management tools through your personal Member Dashboard today.

Employment Management

Like most Australian businesses, yours is likely to have a combination of casual, part-, and full-time employees. It is less likely that you frequently review your employment arrangements or fully document your policies, procedures, expectations and training. This could prove costly in the event that your workplace faces adversity. The team at AAAC urges you to consider whether your existing employment contracts effectively cover:

    • Changing Fair Work compliance requirements
    • Management of workplace dispute resolution
    • Workplace health and safety requirements
    • Legislation and industry practices
    • Specific workplace conditions

AAAC has partnered with the team at Employsure to help you manage these situations. Employsure will provide you with professional advice, representation, and protection for all of your workplace needs. All employment contracts available through AAAC are monitored and kept up-to-date by the Employsure team. This ensures we are promoting best practice and employment protection in relation to Fair Work and workplace health and safety.

Empowering your staff with responsibility and encouraging them to contribute ideas and recommendations for the business will give them a sense of ownership of their work. You can also improve employee engagement by fostering a sense of belonging through social events outside the workplace and having fun at work. Happy staff makes for happy customers!

As a member with AAAC, let the team facilitate a warm introduction today.

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